Oreo Tv APK v4.0.5 Free Download Latest 2023 (Movies, Live Tv & Web Series)

Oreo tv is important to understand why there is a demand for other options to Oreo TV before moving on to the list of alternatives other than oreo tv. On the platform known as Oreo TV, users get access to more than 6000 TV channels. In addition, they may watch any cricket match, TV show, or movie in real-time. Users of Oreo TV can use its services without being interrupted by advertisements.

You might not be able to discover oreo tv on the Google Play Store because oreo tv is a third-party application. oreo tv can be downloaded through a process on either an Android device or a PC.

You may view all of your favorite media, like movies and popular TV episodes, on your phone thanks to oreo tv newest and most well-liked online TV software, Oreo TV APK.

The best feature of oreo tv is the ability to view all of the news channels, movies, and seasons of the most well-liked television shows from cable networks on your phone for free while IPL lives matches are taking place, and in oreo tv there are best audio and visual quality. Utilize your favorite apps by downloading this APK to your smartphone.

Users are able to see and enjoy their favorite movies and TV series. This program offers a wide selection of movies and television shows that you can use. The best app is oreo tv for watching movies and TV series is this oreo tv. This application oreo tv has a lot of choices that make Oreo tv simple for you to use.

The technological world of the twenty-first century is demanding quickly. As humans continue to expand daily, the amusement has become everyone’s first priority. The generations of today don’t stick to TV instant-on mobile, as can be seen when discussing them. They also like to take in popular entertainment these days.

We are providing some information about an online program in this article because Oreo tv is the best source of amusement for our PC and Android customers. Android users are the only ones who may download the Oreo TV APK app, and only a variety of devices on oreo tv is supported by this app oreo tv.

What is Oreo TV?

Oreo Tv is a mobile application that can be downloaded to your phone and used to view free live news, movies, web series, radio, and cricket matches such as the IPL, T20, World Cup, and Test matches. The game will be broadcast live.

Live cricket match broadcasting rights and IPL 2022 streaming content are both owned exclusively by Star Sports Group.

Pluto TV offers live streaming of a few TV stations that are focused on sports, news, movies, and other topics, just like Oreo TV does. Viacom bought it in 2019, and since then, it has begun providing its subscribers with a few extra channels.

Concerning OREO TV

The most well-liked Oreo TV APK for streaming movies and TV shows is this one. You can watch many different shows online in various languages. If you are home alone and have nothing to do, you can watch movies and TV series; they are fun and amusing. You can watch more than a thousand films.

Users Watch their high-quality movies and television programs. There is the opportunity to choose the high-resolution choice that you can utilize for the quality that suits you.

Oreo TV on Android

People all over the world enjoy watching TV channels on their Android smartphones using IPTV applications, but there are many TV applications available online that don’t work well or offer all live TV channels legally. As a result, people search for the best and legal applications to watch live TV on Android devices, and Oreo TV APK is currently more popular because oreo tv offers all live TV channels legally.

If you use Oreo TV APK and would like to acquire the most recent version of this fantastic TV program for your Android smartphone, you have chosen the ideal place to do oreo tv. You can now download all previous versions of this software, including version 2.0.6, for free.

OREO TV Apk’s features

Users have access to a variety of options that they can utilize to make decisions. Because this Oreo TV APK makes people feel comfortable, oreo tv is very straightforward and easy to use. Some characteristics include:

Channels for Live TV

The spectator has the option of watching live channels and shows. There is no need to be concerned that something might happen to your show. You can easily watch it online. All channels are accessible through this program, and you may manage your favorite tracks and watch live. Your preferred show is also watched online.

Classified Catalog

For easy navigation, there are categories available for everything. As you can see in the program, every arrangement is polite. If dramas are your thing, there are several sections. There are film categories if you enjoy watching movies. Cartoons about cricket are also available in categories, along with other things that are simple for people to find.

High Definition

Users are able to view their stuff in high resolution. However, if you wish to secure your internet data, you transform oreo tv into lower quality. You can choose HD quality and watch your movies, television programs, or cricket in high definition.

Netflix and other free content

On TV, you may watch whatever kind of movie you want, and this program lets you watch all the stations. There is no requirement to pay fees online. Online shows and TV series are available for free viewing. This program is a block version.

Preferred list

In this program, users can make a list of their favorite shows to watch whenever and wherever they choose. If readers enjoy a certain piece of content, you can add your favorite or your favorite drama, movie, or show. Your favorite material is available for later and on-demand viewing.

First-time Expert

Application for Android devices. You can exit at any time and reload your application whenever you wish. You can change the brightness and select a dark or light setting as desired.


Additionally, you don’t need to add the subtitle track if you wish to watch a video in a language you don’t understand.
By using the subtitles offered by Oreo TV, you can use the oreo tv app without knowing the language.

Get the OREO TV APK.

Download the OREO TV Apk to take advantage of the many alternatives this application oreo tv provides for watching movies, TV shows, and web series online. People who enjoy this kind of internet content can utilize this program and search online. There is no fee associated with using this application. You may watch everything for free online. This version of the application oreo tv is unlocked, therefore a subscription is not required.

The most recent OREO TV APK update:

  1. The dark mode is the biggest important benefit for Oreo TV users.
  2. When working on other things while multitasking, the PIP mode is fantastic.
  3. The app oreo tv has a live chat option if you need assistance or need to leave a review.
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  5. IPL 2021 highlights from every game
  6. A few movies and videos didn’t work with version 2.0.3.
  7. User Manual for OREOTV APK 2.0.7 Update You see a separate video with the label “different” when you visit the app’s homepage ( Movies, TV Shows, Live news, etc).

Review of Oreo Tv apk

This version features a special, workable application that is tailored to the user’s requirements. Oreo TV also has the best quality, resources, user interface, and many other things. A service that provided a foundation for its film-loving fans is version 4.4.
Since app oreo tv bugs are a common occurrence, we are all aware of them. We have a compelling solution to fix them. Let’s start by looking at ways to avoid the problem as there are only two ways oreo tv reviews can occur.

  • If the Oreo TV app isn’t functioning on your device, update the APK.
  • Clean out the Oreo TV cache.


This app oreo tv is more than just a TV app; you can watch missed material and previous shows on oreo tv. You can look up and view the movies and plays you want to see. Online viewers get access to a wide variety of channels. Your internet data is the sole resource our application uses. There is no need to subscribe because all shows are available through the app oreo tv.


  1. Can I put an APK on my TV?

    Ans- Therefore, Oreo tv is recommended that you download the APK files first to your Android phone or computer before moving them to your Android TV. Utilizing the Send Files to TV (SFTTV) app is among the simplest ways to accomplish this. Oreo TV is available for Android TVs and phones in the Google Play store.

  2. How can I install APK on my Android TV?

    Ans- To upload the APK file to the Wireless File Manager directory, go to the ‘Choose File’ page on your browser. >> Open File Explorer in your Wireless File Manager app on your Android TV. >> To install, click on the APK file that is now visible.